Learning Machine Learning, Part 3: Application

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Learning Machine Learning, Part 2: Algorithms and Techniques

(转) Deep learning architecture diagrams


TensorFlow 中文资源精选,官方网站,安装教程,入门教程,实战项目,学习路径。

Machine Learning-based Web Exception Detection

(转)分布式深度学习系统构建 简介 Distributed Deep Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning 深度增强学习资源

(转) Deep Learning in a Nutshell: Core Concepts

(转) Learning Deep Learning with Keras

(zhuan) Paper Collection of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL)

QA Systems and Deep Learning Technologies – Part 1

(zhuan) Notes on Representation Learning

logz.io俩个企业级的ELK日志分析器 内部集成了机器学习识别威胁——核心:利用用户对于特定日志事件的反馈除理动作来学习判断日志威胁 + 类似语音识别的专家系统从各方分派日志威胁信息

QA Systems and Deep Learning Technologies – Part 2

App Discovery with Google Play

Learning Machine Learning, Part 1: An Introduction


(转) Deep Learning Resources